Our COVID-19 response

Drivas Shuttle will resume operation mid-June. We are preparing increased safety measures that will also reflect positively on the travel comfort of our passengers. The middle seats in the second and third row of our shuttle cars will remain empty to reduce the total number of passengers to 5 people. Ticket prices will remain unaffected. Stay safe, Drivas team 💙

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Upcoming routes

Nairobi → Kisumu

1:30 pm from CBD
7:30 pm to United Mall (Tuskys)

KES 1,200

KES 1,400

Available from mid June
Kisumu → Nairobi

8:00 am from United Mall (Tuskys)
2:00 pm to CBD

KES 1,200

KES 1,400

Available from mid June

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“Drivas Shuttle is super comfortable and I can book trips to my family in Kisumu in advance, without much hassle which is a plus”

Clara, Nairobi

“It's good. I can pay online and know the exact time I'm leaving.”

Paul, Nairobi

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